>So apparently from now until Nov. 20 when Venus Retrograde ends I seem to be very much at its whim. There are many explanations for this, and none that make sense to me on a rational level. Alas, this time is about letting go of past loves and no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to get a certain someone out of my head. I’ve written about it and then a poem came to me with such clarity I knew this was a part of my healing and releasing:

Your silence speaks volumes,

In none of those volumes do I hear,
“I love you” or “I miss you.”
I said it first so I can’t say it last.
I have questions,
Do you love me?
Do you miss me?
I dare not answer for you, as I dare not ask.

I never asked you to stay and even helped you go,
because I knew- our journey had to end,
so I could resume mine.

So I sit in fear, and hope, and love.
Into the silence I say nothing and ask nothing.
And wait for your reply.

Your silence speaks volumes and suddenly I hear, loud and clear..
“Let me go.”


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