>Today is my one year anniversary since I really commited to myself – it has taken me that long to even begin to understand what it means. I bought a ring a year ago to symbolize the never ending relationship to myself. My commitment has become about honoring my truth. I’m in many relationships romantic, familial, friendship and of all these the most important one is the one with myself. I have cultivated it over the past year. Continuing to learn more and more about what I love, what nourishes me and what doesn’t. The type of relationships that complement my commitment and those that don’t. Honoring my truth, what feeds me and following my seductions. Creating personal rituals that connect me to me (most of my friends are aware of my documentary and cake night on Sundays). I focus on spending time with what I love and whom I love(including me). Most of all knowing what I’m commited to first and foremost…me.

Today I’m grateful for my family visiting!, my ring, and Thai tea from the cafe with lots of caffeine.


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