Anyone who knows anything about me knows I love sugar…Not sure if it’s a product of having two parents in the dental field and rebelling against that (my Sun opposite Uranus feels this one) or my Taurus and Moon/Venus conjunction that includes craving sweet and the pleasures of life. It could be any number of things really, plain and simple I love sugar. All kinds of it, I have no prejudice against any kind of it…refined, unrefined, super refined…You name it, I love it. I don’t just have a sweet tooth, but a sweet body and possibly even subtle body!

So why do a fast of something I love so much? It’s not so much that my body feels bad eating it…more so it scares me how much it consumes me when I crave it. I am more than cravings and now is my chance to prove it. I ate as many of my favorite sugar cravings yesterday as possible in preparation and also loaded up on protein in my fridge to combat energy slumps. For 21 days, which also coincides with my half birthday (which I have come to make as a significant day) oddly enough I will be sugar-free. (But also in time to enjoy pumpkin pie!!) I’m ready to take this on as a spiritual practice and also nervous about facing something that has become such a part of me. Will have to get my serotonin kicks from elsewhere…I’m thinking making out, caffeine, or even massive amounts of ecstasy (just joking Mom), and cuddling are good options; however, I’m also open to suggestions. These next few weeks will undoubtedly be a challenge. (insert sweet pun here). Yes, I’m ready for the new me…sugar free!

Today I’m grateful for Jamie, Rebecca, and carrot soup.

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