After leaving yoga class the other night I happened upon what might possibly be the most awkward moment of all time (or at least top 10). Mission and 16th St never ceases to amaze and sometimes frighten me; this time it was almost certainly both. Wait for it…I watched a prostitute get into the wrong car. A larger woman in stilettos got into a car and within moments stumbled out saying, “(insert F-bomb expletive here), wrong car.” Then proceeds to walk a half block to an identical car with a creepy man sitting in it.

Several questions that have come up surrounding this event, and I of course have the answers:
1) Are you sure she was a hooker?
Yes, I have spent just enough time in the TL to spot a crack whore. They wear similar clothing and don’t usually make eye contact – and, they tend to stumble a lot.

2) Maybe it was a change of heart?
No, she got into another car…I must have forgotten to mention this.

3) Am I evil for laughing?
Not at all. I gasped in horror and then giggled.

4) Why were you at yoga late enough to see the prostitutes come out?
My favorite class gets out at 9:30 p.m. on Wednesdays and then I had to go get a mango lassi at a nearby Pakistani restaurant.

These questions and this occurence brought up a strong opinion I had that I didn’t realize I had (if that makes any sense). Prostitution should be legal. There, I said it. It seems so ridiculous for these women to risk so much and not have any legal protection. I know someone who is a prostitute and she tells me stories that make me cry and not just gasp in horror. Everyday (or maybe even several times a day) they get beat up or forced into acts they didn’t agree to, or not paid, or worst case scenario murdered. These poor women (and sometimes men) can’t turn to the police for help as they are considered illegal.

I think SF should have a legal red light district with police officers on hand just like in Amsterdam. Hookers (not sure if that is PC or not) deserve rights and protection under the law. Although even with such laws I’m not sure it would cut back on the magic of that awkward moment I got to witness…

Today I’m grateful for free yoga classes, depositing money at the bank, and dinner with some of my favorite gals!


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