I didn’t think I was naive until I moved to Man Fran. In Denver I never received offers for being an escort, doing porn, or having a Sugar Daddy (please ignore capitalization, unsure if this is a proper noun or not). Then again I also didn’t have bus rides discussing healing crystals or the beach within three miles of my apartment. This place continues to challenge, confuse, and inspire me on a daily – sometimes hourly – basis.

A Sugar Daddy seems quintessential for a city girl in grad school; providing the ability to actually eat food besides Ramen (not that I do anyway) and be able to pay rent. Sounds like a good deal, a man who I spend time with without any commitment and showers me with gifts and money. I recieved such an offer several weeks ago and it has been weighing on my mind ever since – the way any sort of “offer” that may or may not include sex tends to do. With this one he made it clear sex was not an optional part of the agreement.

Hugh Hefner fits this bill (pun intended) exactly. Would I spend time (not that I do, but blogs can include hypothetical situations) with him if he didn’t have money…probably not, unless he really is as charming and witty as he seems. =) I can’t help but feel there’s something desperately missing in these types of relationships – physical attraction? Acknowledgment of the oddity of the relationship? This whole experience made this very clear for me. The only kind of Sugar Daddy I want is one who feeds me cupcakes in bed…with or without the money.
Today I’m grateful for my new spoon necklace, Hayley’s visit, and my prayer flags.

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