So I am taking an improv class (#40 on my Life List) at EndGames Improv…and it’s wonderful. I get cheered on by acting like an idiot.  I’m delighted to realize my desire to say inappropriate things and be awkward suits me well in certain instances, improv being one (and I still haven’t discovered the other if it exists). The name of my new group is “The Naked Granny Clause.” To explain that title would be like explaining why my neighbor tells me when he is gasy – it makes no sense and that’s why it’s so great. The fellow “players” are really nice and equally awkward and kind, needless to say I adore them.

Although it is months away, I’m already getting anxious about my final performance. Not so sure I really want to display my cursing and apple imitations for others to see…

Today I’m grateful for improv, Black Swan tonight, and umbrellas.

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