I have an aversion to “churches” and much prefer places that call themselves “spiritual communities” to acknowledge all faiths as pointing towards one source of divinity. However, there are “churches” and then there’s East Bay Church of Religious Science. I have attended Science of Mind communities for several years and through them found my way back to religion and spiritual communities, if you can call Science of Mind that. I gave Mile Hi Church in Denver a chance before moving and it moved me in a way I had never felt before. There’s something about large groups of people singing in unison about peace and love that gets me every time. East Bay Church doesn’t just “get” me…it thrills me. So much soul in that congregation I get teary each time I attend a “celebration” there.

It’s in Oakland and I’m one of the few white people and I love it. The choir sings like a gospel about the truth of life itself, not just Jesus Christ (whom is only mentioned when discusses other avatars of our planet). Every now and then people yell out things about “thank you” and “I love you.” I LOVE THIS CHURCH, four words I never thought I would say since I was told my father was going to hell during my time at Christian camp (I cried for a week and when he came to visit made him cry with my pleas). And I mean every word. East Bay Church of Religious Science with Rev. Elouise Oliver doesn’t have science or religion…just heart.

Today I’m grateful for EBCRS,  Science of Mind, and Ernest Holmes.


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