Winter solstice marks the longest night of the year and I wouldn’t be a good hippie without paying homage to the star who lights up my life. Ahem, although it isn’t just the solstice on Dec. 21, this auspicious time also includes a lunar eclipse full moon and Ursids meteor shower. How’s that for a show of stars?

The lunar eclipse feature’s our shadow (Earth) falling a cast over the moon. Moon, sun, and Earth come into alignment…A balance of sun and moon. Where the opposites that govern existence come into balance for moments of time and gives of the chance to reconnect with what ancestors upon ancestors marveled at before the TV lit up our lives.

With winter solstice nature tells us the light can be switched back on and we can come out of our caves and enjoy the next phase of the seasons. Some suggest Seasonal Affective Disorder has been around for a long time as the cold months were a type of depression associated with less food and fear that the sun may not return. Or maybe the universe made no mistakes in making several stars and planets particularly bright to remind us of what’s yet to come if we keep patient. As joy follows sorrow…Shakespeare said in Macbeth, “Darkness has its uses.” Agreed William, however, here comes the sun.

Today I’m grateful for sun, moon, and stars.


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