>What an incredible day – not wearing pants. I religiously celebrate Naked Sundays (sometimes half naked depending on how cold my apartment is), this was right up my alley. The 10th Annual No Pants on BART day. Started in NYC by an improv group…
I arrived at Civic Center and saw no one else in their underwear, or they probably were in them I just couldn’t see it. Then I spotted a gal with a long jacket and a pantless dog (as in bottoms not a way of breathing. I asked if she was celebrating the holiday. Indeed she was and we traveled to Powell station were we joined the underwear mob (after I took off my pants of course).

So there I was in Union Square station headed into the mall where security guards tried to halt the group of crazies (myself included). No such luck, the group went in and I joined, then felt guilty about their helplessness and left shortly thereafter. I enjoyed my pantless day/hour.


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