>One of my professors using the pronoun “hir” instead of  differentiating between “his” or “her.” Another example of the fact we don’t have language that describes our world accurately. Only two genders, when it has become increasingly obvious more than two exist and are a reality of our physical world. I would actually prefer to use this made-up word than the improper usage of “their” in this sort of context. Example below:
“The student brought their notebook to class.” (insert cringe here for non-agreement of subjects)
“The student brought hir notebook to class.”

I think I also like this rendition of old pronouns because it does end up sounding like “her” anyway and implying feminity. Should you use “her”, “his”, “their”, or “hir”, it matters more if that you are even aware enough of the fact there are options. Now if people would stop messing up “their” and “there” we might actually get somewhere…(says the snobby grammarian)

Today I’m grateful for new classes, keys to my new apartment, and productivity.


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