To know something or to really know it. Since being in graduate school I feel like a “know-it-all” more like a “knowledge-it –all” actually. After so much reading and studying I have a head full of stuff. And stuff it is. Philosophy has been called the love of wisdom, jnana yoga if you will (if are familiar with terms from Sanskrit), and it’s certainly a labor of love. Sometimes I’m not so sure it’s wisdom at all, I think it’s only a part of it.

In a talk on Friday by one of the founders of my program and former head of CIIS Robert McDermott, he said wisdom was knowledge lifted to love. I love the way he put that it ac”knowledges” that love is limitless and knowledge as limited. In a competition if these two things could compete, I believe wisdom would win.

Robert also went into what he believes are the three parts of wisdom:
1. Metaphysics – what is? What’s real? A source
2. Epistemology – levels of knowledge, way of knowing
3. Ethics – action (need a philosophy for this)

I’ve been operating from knowledge since I began to become a philosopher and seem to have forgotten that my strength actually resides in wisdom. While I may not be entirely a “knowledge-it-all” I might just say I’m wise.;)

Today I’m grateful for Jamie, Matt, Sam, and Adam.


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