Saw this in “Natural Health” magazine and thought it was one of the best lists I have ever seen. Below are my favs from the list of 40, projecting the ones I find most useful and hoping you feel the same way:

  • Unplug your appliances when not in use. Tip: use a power strip so you can turn everything off at once
  • Stop using paper towels, keep rags and old dish towerls or cloth napkins.
  • Put a brick in your toilet, simple way to make it a low-flow.
  • Green your cleaners, eco-friendly grime fighters can work just as a well, do your research.
  • Use less water (why do you think I shower so infrequently);)
  • Cancel trash service for one month, force you to be more conscious about what you toss.
  • Hold it – replace items only when they are useless.
  • Request low-impact sources of energy such as solar, wind, or hydroelectric
  • Stop using conventional dryer sheets, they smell so great because they are loaded with chemicals
  • Throw a greener party with compostable dinnerware
  • Keep your car parked, try walking or carpooling instead
  • Purify your air to remove pollutants, mold, and mildew
  • Remove yourself from junk mail lists
  • Stop wasting food
  • Take off shoes before going indoors
  • compost
  • Boycott plastics – water bottles, food storage, etc.

Today I’m grateful for rooftop views, supplements, and power strips. =)

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