Yes, the title is meant in every way to be a sexual innuendo. This is also where I insert this blog post was spurred on by a Glee episode “Sexy” that aired last week and I watched on iTunes. I suppose I’m in the midst of a full “blown” (sorry, I can’t stop when I start) exploration of sexuality. Not the type where I have sex with a lot of people or engage in strange sexual acts. This exploration is more about the  nature of our minds within our sexuality. As modern humans we seem to have a stunted sexuality based in strange taboos and a fear of desire. I did a presentation for a class last week discussing how we have left any identity of ourselves as sexual beings in the dust. And yet, on a level that’s a huge part of who we are. On one hand I’m the loving, powerful woman and on the other a sexual being raging with hormones.

Yet I’m unsure how to embody my sexuality and sensuality in a powerful way. I’ve always been very sensual…I enjoy good food, bubble baths, and pretty much delighting in the senses in general. The challenge for me seems to be actually getting comfortable with myself as a sexual being, not pretending it doesn’t exist, a part of myself needing cultivation as equally as my spirituality or vitality. The Meredith Brooks song “Bitch” line “I’m a sinner, I’m a saint…I’m your hell I’m your dream” always struck me as acknowledging the paradox that is the experienc of being human. I’m a girl next door and I’m also a whore. There I said it, I “came” clean.

Awesomely grateful for banana pancakes, late night phone calls, and $1 movie rentals.  



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