There aren’t many things I have a vast amount of knowledge on. There also aren’t a whole lot of trends I follow intensely. My status as a dessert connoisseur defies both of these. I cant’ help but notice the popping up of cake pops everywhere!? Starbucks has them, my parents got one for me for my birthday, and they were even at a comedy show I attended a few weeks ago.

While I appreciate the need for an ever change universe, sometimes I would appreciate if at least something would stay the same. My loyalty still feels to my beloved cupcake. Macaron, whoopie pies, or even cake pops can change my mind. Sure, they have some similarities, but it’s the pops lack of frosting that gets me. And if it insists on being called a pop, why can’t I lick it?

Today I’m grateful for sunsets, sleeping late, and Nicki Minaj.


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