Sometimes funny things happen and they have to be shared…this is where my blog comes in. Yesterday I felt like a Calamity Kate. Picture this, an ordinary day I wake up early to meet someone to pick up a book for a paper I’m working on. I’m riding the crowded bus and dreading more people getting on. I glance outside and notice a loud, most likely homeless woman waiting to get on the bus and sneak in the back door. I think to myself that I kind of hope she can’t get on because I am not in the mood (it’s too early) for loudness. She gets on and a few stops later I’m getting off the bus, getting by her and she elbows me right in the face. Accidently mind you, however I take this opportunity to thank me for reminding me not to judge others. She was apologetic and I felt guilty. Moving on.

I meet my friend at the bakery, realize I forgot to drop off my rent on the way, walk up the hill to his house, several blocks out of my way and a car backfires right in front of me. Not so bad right? Then I’m walking back down the hill and a car stops for me to cross. He gets rearended and then the other car takes off…a hit and run! Several blocks later the two cars and talking and I feel silly and slink by without saying anything.

What did I learn today? Don’t judge and know how powerful I am. End of my silly story…back to working on my paper.

Today I’m grateful for protein smoothies, text messages, and emails from my parents when they are on vacation.


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