It has been a year since that fateful moment when I walked intoComcast and exchanged my Interweb modem for more time offline. To this day itranks as one of my best decisions EVER, and I do make a lot of great decisionsif I do say so myself.  The Internet hadcome to represent an easy way for me to connect with people, and mostly a largetime waster.
Some might say I’ve cheated now that I own an iPhone since Ican access the Internet via my handheld device. Maybe I am, I feel just enoughconnected knowing I can access my email if I need to find something…for themost part it distracts me with Words With Friends on the bus. I’m also moreaware of how connected I am without the Internet. I have a beautiful, brilliantcommunity in Man Franpsycho and my connection with them supercedes any fast DSL.
What have I done with all the time I haven’t spent scouring Facebookor watching new youTube videos? Well, I have created a haven, and nothing shortof a heaven in my studio. Without TV or Internet I have to face myselfconstantly. In those quiet moments getting ready for bed there really aren’tany distractions except my own moods or desires. I can hear myself think in myapartment. I read more, write more, and listen to music and really listen toit. My connection to myself has deepened within the silence of my space calledhome. I can be more present, feeling my body, noticing my  breath. I feel I have embodied connection instead of projecting that desire onto my computer to uphold.
Yes, the Internet is useful and amazing, I’m not saying itisn’t valueable in many regards. When it comes to  finding ways to distract us or giving us poorposture slouching over the keyboard…it wins hands down. I realize pulling theplug isn’t for everyone, however, I do suggest everyone consider a little lesstime unplugged and connected.

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