I spent  10 days last month immersed in the magic that is Psyche and Cosmos with Stan Grof and Richard Tarnas. It was a beautiful blending of how the complexities of our psyches mimic the entire cosmos…bringing the Hermetic principle, “as above so below” to an even greater depth of meaning. Their work together notices how archetypes of planets and psychoanalysis can work together towards integration.

I have always been skeptical of astrology as it’s used in Western culture to give silly interpretations of what kind of day you will have or when you will get married. That kind of deterministic astrology seems an insult to the well-researched and documented work of Rick Tarnas. It’s a philosophy and cosmology acknowledging and nourishing our deep connection to the entire cosmos.

Looking at my birth chart with the complex range of archetypes at work that make up my “personality” or experience, I am struck by its beauty and how well it describes my inner and outer worlds.  So often we as humans want to box others into how we think they are, or create a context for them based on a few interactions…archetypal astrology acknowledges the deep inner workings of a soul and reveals our individual complexities – making it impossible to create an identity around something so vast and multi-valent. Who we our instead as an unpredictable and stunning dance of archetypes. Yes, my life and yours is written in the stars (and planets), not in a cheesy way, or a fatalistic way. Instead acknowledging the deep connection we share with them and orienting ourselves within the entire universe.


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