I returned Friday from a lovely bread, bath, and beyond experience at Esalen in Big Sur where I spent a week with my Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness classmates. Because really, how else can you get acquainted than by sitting in nude hot springs? It was there last year I began to realize I found my tribe. I traveled across the USA to be with a group of people who spoke my language and knew my heart. One year later I am still in love with these crazy folk and am constantly amazed by the way I grow with/through having relationship to them. (It also doesn’t hurt that they are very nice to look at – as witnessed to the left.)

Being in this PCC community allows me to be me, fully. It is a home for all the parts of me that I have repressed and been proud of. Everyone in the program has the same desire as I do to fulfill our life’s mission, to make a difference in the world, and to mostly to love. The closing ceremony we all sang and held hands…it was one of the moments in life where your heart is so full it just might burst. Thank goodness mine didn’t so I could instead write this post of gratitude for the homemade bread, hot springs by the ocean, and the liminal space that is Esalen – where my community began.


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