Recent Huffington Post article by friend, and another PCC alumnus and Wigg Party founder, Morgan Fitzgibbons focusing on moving action from national and political space to local and neighborhood arena:

All across the country, people are asking “What’s next for the Occupy Movement?” Over the last two months, the physical occupation of New York’s Zuccotti Park, Oakland’s Frank Ogawa Plaza and thousands of other public spaces by concerned citizens across America and around the world has galvanized the public’s attention and most certainly raised awareness around the incredible financial inequality that exists in today’s society. Achieving this raising of consciousness is in itself a major victory. However, as any longtime activist knows, the space between raising awareness around a particular issue and solving that issue is typically a yawning gulf, and this movement’s inability to make clear headway towards solutions has been, at times, painstakingly documented. Despite these shortcomings, the issues have remained front-page news day after day due to nothing but the openly defiant statement of camping in public space.

Read rest of article here.


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