So, apparently Cafe Gratitude is closing its Northern California locations. I’m sad and also aware of the message this closing sends to all of us about our philosophies. Anytime we take one version of a truth and believe it to be the one and only truth, we lose something anda bit of ourselves. The SF community is losing a valuable part of its culture and foodieness (if that’s even a word) because Cafe Gratitude decided they had a philosophy better than any individual employee’s.

I took the Landmark Forum and was excited about the insights I gained and the new way of seeing things. When something brings you joy you can’t help but want to share it and that sharing quickly becomes proselytizing. I too got wrapped up in feeling it was somehow superior and THE truth that was missing from my life and everyone elses. I may have even suggested to my boss she take it, thank goodness now I see the beauty of allowing people to find what serves them instead of it being forced upon them. The thing is, we all find our way. We have to trust the people in our lives, and ourselves, to find our own truth. It’s difficult watching people suffer and struggle through the lives they’ve created consciously or unconsciously for themselves. We have to let them be and find our own path. No fixing or forcing, only allowing.

My experience in Landmark Education allowed me to see myself as someone free of my past and excited about my future. It also for a brief time made me a know-it-all, Landmark lover (I was already prone to snobbiness). I’m no longer a Landmark Forum missionary and my relationships are better for it, but I will be sad to see you go Cafe Gratitude and will miss your yummy almond shakes.

Read full story about Cafe Gratitude Closure here at (Photo from


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