I can’t help it…I get really excited about things other people are doing and then stop writing my own stuff. This post is yet another in a series of my excitement. I promise new content of my own soon, devoted reader aka Mom. My latest wonder comes from my friend Darrin Drda who wrote a great book called, The Four Global Truths. If you’re looking for a gift for your environmental friend (which should be all of us) or Buddhist buddy, this would be a great idea and way to support a great author, and fellow PCC graduate.

Below is a description from his Website about the book:

As global temperatures rise and natural systems decline, humanity is being forced to confront the darkening shadow of material progress and mechanistic thinking. Meanwhile we can see the dawn of a more enlightened worldview that honors the interdependence of all forms of life and all aspects of reality. Between complete breakdown and universal breakthrough lies the Middle Way of The Four Global Truths. Using the framework of the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism to address worldwide ecological suffering, outline its causes, and suggest a healing pathway forward, this book also integrates elements of Western philosophy, transpersonal psychology, deep ecology, modern cosmology, and quantum physics in advancing a more holistic conception of Nature and the Cosmos.


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