I’ve finally started my holiday gift creating (I say creating and not shopping because most of my gifts aren’t being purchased this year) and it’s so much fun! I really enjoy giving and am also really aware of the impact on our environmental resources this holiday season has. My holiday slogan – shop locally, act globally, think cosmically. So, here are some ways I thought of to be nice to Mother Nature and others, no matter what holiday you are celebrating:

  • Wrap gifts with newspaper or another paper you would be getting rid of otherwise
  • Shop locally, duh
  • Go to Goodwill, Buffaloe Exchange, or other used items stores
  • Create coupons (extra points for having them on recycled paper) for time to spend together, activities, or favors
  • Give gifts that will help people be more sustainable such as reusable coffee mugs or bamboo silverware they can take with them on the go
  • Write love letters to the people you care about most, words can be much more meaningful than things
  • Homemade soaps, candles, or even baked goods say a lot about the time and care you invested in creating something for someone.
  • I had to end this list with my own shameless self-promotion…items that encourage people to care about the Earth, right on your sleeve via my environmental and astrology themed t-shirts and other items with my Creative Type Designs

Happy holidays and merry gifting!


  1. Awww…super love this post! I have say though, most of my shopping has been done in direct opposition to your second point. But I feel so yummy doing it! I’ve shopped all on Etsy.com this year so I am buying from people just like you and me. And they are so nice! Writing personal thanks when they send their package…it’s *almost* like shopping locally…same idea, but just local per the internet 😉 It is totally fun when it’s done like this 🙂 Love. Love. Love this post 🙂

  2. Thanks Megan! I can’t believe I forgot to put Etsy on my list!! I too believe it fits a lot of the needs for “shopping locally.” I do love personal notes, especially on my blog.;)

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