Happy Soulstice, I took this photo as a reminder that with the longest night comes more light (rhyme intentional just in case there was any question). This candle has two wicks, or twin flames for me representing a beautiful piece of Plato’s philosophy. Around 385 BCE my BF Plato believed each of us had a twin soul when one soul splits into a male and female half in order to incarnate on earth. He believed each soul born on earth had to split into two halves prior to birth to be part of the earth experience. 

He also spoke of twin-star, which appeals to me even more (although I can’t remember where I read this or heard it…I fear I made it up to love him more). This star as the governor of our life, whispering desires from above (desire literally means “from the stars”) about our lives. Upon death we would then return to this heavenly home.

Happy Soulstice, may you hear your twin-star’s words!


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