Thriving, not surviving

As I do not have the Interweb in my apartment I just now got around to seeing all of the acclaimed “Thrive” film that came out last year. If you are reading this and also haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it. I don’t think we can be friends otherwise (that is just in case you wanted to be my friend and aren’t already).

It reminded me about the excitement and transition occuring in our world at the moment and what we can do to help. This isn’t a Republican or Democrats issue – it’s a human issue and this film brings up the beauty of both sides. We are at a critical point in humanity and I have to confess I haven’t been educating myself. It’s so much easier to be on FB or watch movies and forget the despair happening that feels hopeless. As sage Joanna Macy reminds us, we have the feel this pain in order to be inspired.

I’ve been educating myself on philosophy and humanity for years and have somehow in that process forgotten what it means to be involved in it. Here are the basics from the film and website if you don’t want to watch it or think this post is annoying:

1. Get informed, speak up, and connect with others (let’s use the Interweb for good)!

2. Bank locally. Local communities are wealthy and large banks usually  support industries that harm our environment or use poor debt/reserve ratios.

3. Buy and invest responsibly. Next time you buy something, think about where it came from – if the workers are treatly fairly, if you will really use it, how far did it take to get here.

4. Join the movement to audit and end the Federal Reserve. How crazy is it that a private corporation has so much power??

5. Keep the Internet fair and open. Government and media corporations often wish to control the information disemminated, this allows for next to nothing freedom of information on one of the best inventions ever!

6. Support independent media. Five corporations own 80% of the media, how’s that for getting the same stories over and over again?

7. Support organic, non-GMO farming. I can’t figure out why anyone ever thought it would be a good idea to create things for us to eat, this planet created so much for us!!

8. Require election and campaign finance reform. There is a movement to get public funding for campaigns…crazy.

9. Advocate for renewable and free energy. I’m consistently confused about why we pay for natural resources and how companies can own them…hello…water??? And why is it that there is the technology to create machines that make alternative energy sources that are consistently repressed?

10. Take part in critical mass actions. I kinda struggle with this one as I dont’ like large crowds, I try to do my part by signing petitions and making my opinions known, but I know the day will come (maybe it already has) that more will be needed of me.

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