Yup, a predictable title for Ash Wednesday. What isn’t so predictable is that I went to an Ash Wednesday mass and even did a fast. (rhyme intentional and truthful, I’m ravenous as I type this.) I’m still rather unclear what inspired me to celebrate Lent this year, all I know is that I felt called to attend the beautiful church near my apartment and stare at the many esoteric symbols on the ceiling. I left the service once all the stuff about sinners started, but something stuck with me…and it wasn’t the ash (I didn’t stay long enough for that).

The priest said Lent wasn’t about giving something up and instead about finding new habits that serve our connection to the divine. I have been slightly annoyed with the idea of giving something up without replacing it with something valuable. So, for Lent I’ve decided to give up sugar…but not entirely. While I’m not buying it for myself, I can however, receive it as a gift. Since I’m practicing being a better receiver¬† I can trust the universe and others to provide the sweetness I crave. (Or I might ask some victim on the street to buy me a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream cone.)

So often I walk a fine line between self-care and self-indulgence, this seems a good practice for bringing them more into harmony. I will continue to eat nourishing foods and receive and allow the pleasure of sugar to come from others. Seems like a the perfect way to celebrate Lent…have my cupcake and get it for free too.

(Photo: Fallible Blogma)


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