For some reason when I woke up on Leap Day yesterday I couldn’t get this phrase out of my head. “Leap of faith” means to believe in something seemingly unprovable or without epirical evidence. Most commonly this phrase is associated with Christianity and the thoughts of Kierkegaard or C.S. Lewis on whether or not it requires a “leap of faith” to believe.

I began looking at my life and noticing where I take my own leaps of faith, but it seems that each of us live everyday with a leap of faith. It seems the very act of living requires an unconscious leap of faith about why we are here.  Despite all of our efforts with science and knowledge we still cannot ultimately prove the why of our existence. That used to terrify me, as it meant we didn’t know what was next and had to turn to religion or spirituality for answers we made up to make any sense. Now, I take joy in not knowing. Knowledge has limits and in acknowledging that we give ourselves the freedom to take a leap.

So, yesterday on Leap Day I celebrated just being alive. I did as many sensual things as I could, things that wouldn’t be possible without this body…I ate yummy food, watched the stars come out, talked to a friend,  pet a dog on the street, and took a hot, bubble bath. I have often wondered if beings in non-physical worlds are as jealous as I often am of them. It seems a gift to be free of feelings or a form. And yet this form allows me to do so much I’m grateful for. On Leap Day 2012, I realized I am willing to believe something unprovable and almost inconceivable — that my life is worthwhile, purposeful, and divine.



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