I had a very silly happening this week…so silly in fact I can’t resist sharing it with all of the Interweb.

So, I was in the gym locker room early this week after an intense kickboxing class and am doing my best to keep my eyes glued to what I’m up when I notice a naked woman in front of me with the exact same tattoo in the exact same strange place. It was a rather awkward introduction as the tattoo is only visible when naked and I didn’t want to appear that I was staring. Fortunately she was very good-natured and we had quite a laugh about our small, barely visible tattoos. We commensurated about how tough it makes us feel to have them even if they are small blue stars and therefore makes us not actually tough at all.

I long for more of these moments when a connection with a stranger reminds me of the beauty of the people  surrounding me that I would otherwise be unaware of. The times on the bus when I have not been listening to music or on my phone I have met so many stunning people (and even been asked out on occasion). This experience, along with many other interactions have only solidified my strong love for the people of Man Franpsycho…in particular my tattoo twin, where ever you might be on this beautiful, sunny day.


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