The Integrated Masculine

I really enjoyed this post from my friend Candice’s blog, Returning Saturn. It speaks to the struggle within all of us to find more balance and integration with all the complexities residing in us. My personal longing for the integrated masculine shows up for me in usually dating men who are more emotionally connected so that I don’t have to do any of the “female feeling.” This is something I have been really  working with and realizing that when I’m most “put together” is when I’m really feeling and acknowledging all of the emotions within me.  I have a strong need to be in touch with them and know that whatever a future partnership holds for me, they too will be longing for the integration of their feminine.

I have to remind myself that what I love about being a woman is actually noticing the integrated masculine and feminine within myself. I appreciate that I can be nurturing and fiercely creative…and then go for a sweaty run pushing my physical limits. These two seemingly opposite parts of myself speak to the diversity within me that each being holds.

Here is my favorite snippet from Candice’s post:

“An ‘integrated’ masculine, however, knows how to go down deep, stand firm in the fire and can come back up to the surface with vision and clarity while still staying connected to the feminine. The integrated masculine does not live in shame of its feminine counterpart, but is strong enough to be the container for it, so that whatever wildness arises, it can hold it all and weather the storm. And when the storm has passed, the integrated masculine knows just the right moment to dissolve and move on to where ever desire leads it next.”

Read the full post here.

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