Just in case you don’t pay attention to seasonal cycles or pagan ritual…today is Spring Equinox. I’m sure it’s no accident it coincides with my spring break (the wonderful CIIS people are just that intentional). Equinox literally means “equal night.”  What makes Spring Equinox (Ostara in Pagan traditions) so darn special is that on this day the Sun is positioned directly over the equator  making day and night of equal length. The beginning of spring has been celebrated all over the world for thousands of years and symbolizes a time of rebirth and

fertility (think Easter eggs).

Here is a lovely Ostara poem I found reminding me of the upcoming changes taking place on the planet (and within myself):

The Wheel of the Year turns again,
and the vernal equinox is here.
Light and dark are even, 
and the earth begins to change.
The soil awakes from its slumber,
and new life springs forth once again.

Spring  Equinox provides us with the inspiration for coming more into balance and I naturally I find myself wanting to “spring clean” my life by recommitting to my priorities and remembering what I truly want to nurture. We notice new beginnings and what is pregnant and ready for birth within us during this time. Needless to say, finding the wonders of ZenHabits and Minimalist by author Leo Babauta  was just what I was craving to kickstart my spring. His book, The Power of Less reinforced all the things I’ve felt about my productivity.

Babauta uses these simple principles to guide the doing less, and getting more done philosophy:

1. Set limitations.

2. Choose the essential.

3. Simplify.

4. Focus.

5. Create habits.

6. Start small.

With these short and sweet (he wouldn’t have it any other way now would he?) principles I already feel my lessness increasing (if that makes any sense). When I got rid of my Internet several years ago I thought I was creating a deathtrap for my career and school research.  Little did I know that I would instead find more time for the things I love and have more personal growth than I ever expected (it’s amazing what shows up when I stopped stalking ex-boyfriends on FB or feeling sad over all the fun everyone else seemed to be having). I’m certainly not perfect (I check email too much on my iPhone) but with Babauta’s book I’ve been able to remember what means the most to me and how to prioritize my life goals so that this spring I’m not just springing into action and instead being more intentional and plant the real seeds of what I want (sorry, couldn’t resist a cheesy plant metaphor).

(photo: Fourth Way Teachings)


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