Adrienne Rich died last week, a talented feminist poet, and I can’t help but notice how I feel confused about my own opinions about the feminist movement.

Below are several articles recently circulating on Facebook about the relationship between men and women. For me feminism isn’t about being an equal, as I would prefer to be a complement as I don’t particularly want to be similar to men. It’s about women knowing our worth, standing in our truth, and pursuing careers, husbands, or whatever we choose from that place.

I actually want to be feminine with all of my emotions and feel beautiful not as my sole value, but I still want to feel that. I want to have the courage to be proud of all of the parts of me that make me a woman, and whatever that means to me. Simply being a woman and all the magic that comes with it. I get tired of not talking about my “period” (I prefer the term moon cycle) or fear of expressing myself and that men and others won’t be able to handle it.

So, if you want some good reading and diverse perspectives on male/female relationships, here’s some articles for your viewing pleasure:


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