It happens every now and then that someone purchases something from my Creative-Type Designs CafePress site. The thing is that I just really enjoy designing tshirts because it’s fun because I can put all of the silly puns that randomly  pop into my head to use. Unfortunately I’m also aware that my shirts aren’t necessarily sweat factory free and 90% of the profits go to CafePress. It’s mostly just an outlet for my own creativity while encouraging others to shop, even though I certainly don’t need much encouragement myself. I confess I enjoy new clothes and bottled water, two things that I purchase in moderation but still can’t seem to shake. I now have a rule that I only purchase bottled water once a week and it has to be for a good cause or in a glass container.

Imagine my excitement with the recent trend in clothes that now benefit the greater good! I love organizations such as Sevenly (I couldn’t resist the shirt at left) and Selfless Tee who allow me to make a donation with my purchase. Studies at Sevenly have shown this style of shopping not only increases donations, but simultaneously raises awareness for  the causes highlighted.

These sort of organizations represent the future of consumerism to me with an emphasis on not just buying to buy, but with a purpose in mind. Sevenly, Selfless Tee, Toms and the like all provide business models for what’s possible in our economy. It excites me that the future of shopping not only means I can look good, but also do good!

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