This morning while at Samovar I ran into Leo Babauta, whose blog I follow pretty religiously. I was a nervous schoolgirl and had no idea what to say, I’m certain I babbled on about the Internet and simplicity. What I do want to say and share now is how much I have appreciated his latest blog post (he is also a fellow Taurus) about his birthday and FOMO. (I sometimes feel silly with my need to celebrate and make birthdays special, but if we don’t celebrate our own births, who will?)

This post talks about FOMO (or fear of missing out), something I see happening a lot in communities and I have certainly been guilty of in the past (I sometimes wonder if it’s the only reason I went to Burning Man twice).  Here’s the first part, follow the link to get the rest:

The 39th Lesson

Post written by Leo Babauta.

Today (April 30) is my 39th Un-un-birthday, and as usual, the day is a good day to pause and reflect.

Last year I wrote 38 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 38 Years, and people seemed to find some use in it.

This year, I thought I’d share an additional lesson I’ve learned:

You’re not missing out.

Our lives are often ruled by the Fear of Missing Out, or FOMO. (Never heard of FOMO? You’re missing out.)

Some ways we let the fear of missing out rule us:

  1. We check email, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks often, in case we’re missing something important.

(Photo: Blue Fountain Media)


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