Today Venus transits the Sun (another use for my solar eclipse glasses…yippee!) in a rare event that won’t happen again for the next 100 years. The alignment of the Earth, Venus, and the Sun is called an occultation because it won’t block the view of the Sun, but rather cross its path appearing as a small dot. Symbolically Venus will not block our view of the Sun, like during an eclipse, but rather remind us she is there and making an impact.

Venus (named after the Greek goddess Aphrodite), symbolizes love and beauty. It seems only fitting to me that as we move towards a more love, heart-centered society we are greeted by a planetary dance that was considered significant even from the ancient Mayan times. According to several articles I’ve read the Mayan calendar was actually based on Venus cycles.

Earth in the solar system is located between Venus and Mars. We as Earthlings reside between two planets of seemly opposite energies…the feminine (Venus and also represented by the Moon) and masculine (Mars and the Sun). The beauty of our position in our solar system allows us an experience of being them both. This Venus transit beckons us to become warriors for love. Archetypally the alignment of the Earth, Venus, and Sun represents an activation of the Solar Feminine (the corresponding balance would be the Lunar Masculine). I found a beautiful quote by Astrology Rose Marcus describing the blend of this experience, “Just as woman gives birth to both genders, the rise of the solar feminine creator suggests a rebirth of the consciousness of our whole selves…True androgyny is the highest state of spiritual evolution.”

Recently, to honor beauty in all its forms, I went on my weekly SF adventure (something new I’m doing to appease my need for adventure and still be a productive member of society), to the “Cult of Beauty” exhibit at the Legion of Honor. My favorite painting was the above by Frederick Leighton called “The Bath of Psyche.”  To me the painting represents the epitome of beauty and Venus. It has the classic Greek architecture, the nudity of the pureness, the sky as nature, and asymmetry.

In Greek mythology Psyche was a young woman who loved and was loved by Eros (the son of Aphrodite, God of Love, and also known as Cupid). Eros insisted that they make love only in the dark so that Psyche wouldn’t see who he was. Symbolically we can live this out by not seeing the true face of love. In the occultation occuring today we can see Venus more clearly than we would otherwise. We take the shadow element out of love and put it into the light, possibly seeing things about ourselves we may not want to see.
Psychology, the study  of the “Psyche” is just that. Psyche is used synonomously with the word “soul.” In many philosophies the soul  is what allows us to recognize beauty. Venus  as a planet and archetype governs this ability to love and appreciate beauty. It corresponds to our heart chakra and draws us towards what we value and love. When we value something it has worth, in that way Venus also represents our self worth and net worth asking us to examine what we value.
Our soul and heart know what we love and consistently reach for it. That’s what this beautiful Venus transit tells us…to value what we value…most likely it is love, beauty, and the sacred marriage within us all. I would like to end this long post about love, value, worth, and beauty by saying that the Venus transit occurs at 15 degrees Gemini, which coincidentally is directly conjunct my Mercury (the planet of communication and why I apparently couldn’t resist writing this post).

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