I used to say I didn’t believe in soul mates. I feared it made me sound like a hopeless romantic, naive, or uneducated. Now as a much older and wiser (please note sarcasm here) 30-year old, I believe in soulmates now more than ever.

With my recent interest (and admittedly almost obsession) in Kabbalah I was delighted to learn about Tu B’Av, or Soulmate Day,

which started yesterday at nightfall and goes through today. The day celebrates love (a Valentine’s Day of sorts) and in particular the affinity between soulmates. My Kabbalah teacher Elisheva Balas explained it as: “Tu B’Av is the one day a year that all masculine and feminine forces in the universe, from the celestial bodies to the tiniest of insects, unite in harmony…On this day of the year alone, the sun and moon give off equal amounts of energy. Every creation in the world experiences total completeness. The earth and the cosmos are in perfect balance. ”

In this stunning, celestial balance we have access to remembering love as the cosmic force of all creation. The force that unites and pulls galaxies towards one another, the gravity that holds us to Earth, and the same phenomenon that pulls us towards our soulmates. One of my favorite professors, Brian Swimme, teaches a class called “Epic of the Universe,” where I learned the marvels of how “love” created life. He spent hours describing the pull of elements towards each other that allowed for our existence. It was the most romantic course I have ever taken (if graduate school classes were meant to be romantic).

Soulmates aren’t simply a romantic partner — they are the other part of our soul. A completion only possible with a deep spiritual connection beyond our own understanding. We don’t love and desire soulmates because they are fun, or beautiful and instead we love them because they assist us in doing our life’s work. Without soulmates we couldn’t become the people we were meant to be.

Recently I’ve become very interested in the “different types” of soul mates we might encounter on our journey on Earth. To some extent everyone on Earth right now is a soulmate of sorts. All of our souls chose this particular time to be in bodies together. Our Western culture associates soulmates so much with romantic partners I think we often miss out on acknowledging how many valuable connections we have experienced because we get caught up in the idea of “soulmates”for life.

Being the reporter I am at heart, I wanted to learn for myself what information is out there about soulmates. One thing has been clear, that all soulmates reveal something important about ourselves. Below is what I found in my spiritual research on the different types of soulmates:

1) Karmic/teacher/companion soul mates – We usually have lots of them who have very specific lessons to teach us. Sometimes they show up as lovers, life partners, or friends, but can be animals as well (my dog!!).

2) Kindred spirits/true soul mates/twin soul mates – These may or may not be our life mates and come from the same “soul group” with a common purpose. We can often recognize from past lives and the relationship is also based on growth and similar missions/dharmas in life. According to some I read they make best life partners as there is a special bond with the same frequency. (I consider the people in my school program to be of this sort.)

3) Twin flame – Plato spoke of this kind in the Symposium as it is the highest form of soul mate relationship. Where the other is literally our other half where we were once one soul are now two. Our twin flame is not always in body form at the same time and could be guiding us from Ether. Twin Flames are two bodies with one soul and our anima/animus. Many readings I saw said that not everyone meets or marries their twin flame. I am not sure if I believe this or not (maybe there is some hopeless romantic left in me).

I’m not sure really how to sum up a blog post about soulmates as it’s such a mystical exploration that can’t really be described fully in words — one that has an inner answer within ourselves. Something that seems the most obvious to me is that the more on my spiritual path of growth I go, the more soul mates I come into contact with. On this Soulmate Day I wish for you to meet soulmates of all sorts and especially the one that makes your heart and the entire cosmos sing.

[Photo: taken by me in the Haight-Ashbury]



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