French entrepreneur “one who undertakes or manages”

Screenshot 2015-05-21 01.01.57Tell ’em (short for Tell ’em I Sent You thanks Ian for the brilliant name) is a community-based recommendation platform built to connect healers, freelancers, and service providers with  new clients. Unlike many sites for reviews, Tell ’em focuses on recommendations from the people you know and trust. Tell ‘em utilizes consumer’s already existing networks to facilitate word-of-mouth marketing to the benefit of both consumers and local small business service providers (not restaurants or retail).

tree Essentially it’s about growing (get it, tree metaphor galore?) your business with love by utilizing your network to cultivate word-of-mouth recommendations and new clients. Below is a video about Tell ’em edited by my friend Shaun (my shooting is terrible on my iPhone):

In addition, Tell ’em has a commitment to the Triple Bottom Line (people+planet+profit) and is a social enterprise. Wanna be a part of the love, friend-based business (r)evolution? Follow here, friend here, or learn more here.

Why is Tell ‘em different?

  • No other site focuses on the provider more than the user. Tell ‘em empowers the solopreneur, who will ultimately generate traffic to the site and utilize it for continued business growth.
  • Tell ‘em has an initial focus on health service providers in Bay Area and then expanding to other services and areas.
  • Tell ‘em allows for anonymous recommendations for sensitive subjects such as therapists or plastic surgery.
  • Search results focused on people you know instead of strangers
  • Social enterprise ($1 of every membership to go to non-profits voted on by members)
  • Ability to search by location, service, or issue (e.g. back pain, depression, digestion).

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